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Tutorial: Creating HTML Links

How do I create a text link to the Delightful Drawings site?

In most email programs all you have to do is type a URL and it will turn into a link as soon as you hit the space bar. So just type out www.DelightfulDrawings.com and most likely that text will turn into a link all on it's own. If however that doesn't work, select the option to edit the html code on your email message or web page and insert the following code into your html wherever you'd like the link and text to appear.

<a href="http://www.delightfuldrawings.com">www.DelightfulDrawings.com</a>

How do I turn an image into a link?

If you're using your email program there will most likely be a button called link on the toolbar. (Sometimes the button looks like a little globe with a chain link on it.) Before clicking on that button you have to insert the image you'd like to turn into a link, then you need to select the image. Once that is done click on the link button. It will bring up a dialogue box asking for the URL. In that spot you'll put http://www.delightfuldrawings.com.

If you want to edit the html yourself, put in the code below.

<a href="http://www.delightfuldrawings.com"><img src="your_image_name.gif"></a>

Be sure to change the text your_image_name.gif to the name of your file and it's location. Quite often I use Photobucket to store my images. It is a free service and it lists the file name and location as well as the html code right beneath your image. They don't provide the link code I've provided above, but you can copy your file name and location into the your_image_name.gif spot after you've copied in the link code above into the code on your site.

Below is an image that works really well for linking back to my site. However, you can use any of my snaggable graphics as a link back to my site.

right click and save this image to use in linking back to my site

Thanks a bunch for supporting my site by linking back!