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Please read my Site Terms and Conditions before saving any of the images on my site.

Images below this point may be saved by right clicking on the image to be saved and choosing the save as option from the shortcut menu. If you'd like to link back to my site I'd greatly appreciate it. (Click here for a tutorial on creating HTML links. You'll also find a cute logo you can use to link back to my site in the tutorial.) Oh, one last thing, please don't save, copy, modify, or use the following in any way: my site background, web buttons or logo (the one at the top). Please don't steal my bandwidth, and please follow the site terms and conditions regarding the snaggable images below. Thanks so much for being honest!


This pretty ocean text came from a tutorial..


Pumpkin Blinkie Blank and Peggy Font zip file

I created the pretty Autumn blinkie blank saved in the zip file above from scratch for the Pumpkin Blinkie tutorial. You can add the text of your choice as long as you don't remove my watermark or make it illegible by resizing the blank.


          ( ‹ )
        _.~. .~._
  (\   (         )  (\
 /¯¯¯\  '.     .'  /¯¯¯\
/ ~o~ \   \   /   / ~o~ \
\ \_/ /    \ (    \ \_/ /
 \___/      '.)    \___/ ©WP

I created this Halloween Text Art after viewing a fun site that gave me some ideas. To use my text art, select the characters above with your mouse, then right click and choose copy. If you paste them somewhere with formatted text be sure to format the text art with the font face Courier New or it won't look right.


PSP Zig Zag Picture Frames

I created these Free PSP Picture Frames to go along with the tutorial on Using Digital Picture Frames in PSP To use them, save them to your PSP Picture Frames folder.


Item info: I created this image in writing a Jumping Pixel Froggie tutorial using PSP and Animation Shop.


Item info: I created this image in writing a tutorial on optimization settings in Animation Shop. If you display it on at white or very light background then the halo won't be visible.


Item info: I love to see pictures of the ocean with palm trees and made the original version of this tag quite awhile ago. My first version started out as a sig with my name on it. I am planning on writing a tutorial so watch for it in the tutorials section.


Item info: I created this sparkly text using the font Beyond Wonderland.


Item info: I made this fish for a friend as part of a sig. You can make a sig with this image as long as you don't alter the colors or size. If you haven't heard about the symbolism of the IXOYE fish you can find a nice version here.


Item info: I made this tag one day when I was frustrated with the birds eating my cherries off the tree outside my window. I put tin foil on the branches with clothes pins and hung canning rings from strings on the branches to scare away the birds so we'd have cherries left to eat when they got ripe. I made lots more of these type of cherry snags with different text/sayings that you can snag on the Cherry page.



Item info: I made this tag with the same concepts you'll learn if you do the glitter text tutorial I wrote.


Item info: I wanted something really colorful to use in messages wishing happy birthday and came up with this tag.


Item info: I saw a cute image similar to this that used hearts and decided to make one with stars. I used vectors in creating it.


Item info: I started making this graphic by following the Juke Box tutorial at Cathy's Corner. I made some modifications to my final Juke Box, and then added the text which is in DJ Inker's Salsa font. I created the musical notes in Paint Shop Pro and then animated it in Animation Shop.


Items info: I started making the teddy bear in these graphics by following a tutorial by Christina Gibbs at Christina's Tubes and Tutorials. I made quite a few modifications to my results on the teddy bear tutorial, and added the text which is in the Kayleigh font.



Item info: I made this graphic from scratch. It uses the Kayleigh font as well as the Visman Natural Sparkle filter and a custom gradient I created.


Item info: I made this graphic from scratch. It uses the Chow Fun font as well as the Visman Natural Sparkle filter and a custom graient I created.